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New Member is a person that is a first time applicant to the Philip Morris/Altria Retirees Association (known as, “PMARA”). The following is a summary of the total process for becoming a new member. If you have additional questions, please send us an email at:RetireesConnection@gmail.com

STEP 1: Application Process

  1. Fill in your email address in the 1st box (this is the primary communication method for PMARA)
  2. Click NEXT

  3. Fill in the remaining application fields

  4. Pay the annual dues of $20 (you may pay online or be invoiced)

  5. Click NEXT (the New Member Application is now complete!)

STEP 2: Confirmation of Membership

After submitting your application and payment:

  1. You will receive an email containing your email address and a password to LOGIN.

  2. Once your application and payment are received by PMARA, you will receive an email of Membership Approval.

  3. At this time, you will have access to all the information in the Members-Only section (must be logged in to see Members-Only tab).

STEP 3: Verify Profile (ongoing)

Please help us keep the PMARA database up-to-date by maintaining your profile information.

  1. Log in

  2. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the Home Page to see the View Profile link (visit the HOW-TO tab if you need help)

  3. Verify/update your profile information (make changes when appropriate in the future)

NOTE: New SAO Members must use the "SAO Member Application" to apply for membership. SAO is a group dedicated to the Sales Force members, only.

How is your profile information used?

  • Under the Membership Info tab > 20XX Paid Members sub-tab, only your name is listed, which is available to anyone. This allows anyone who is considering joining, to see if past work associates are current PMARA members.

  • Under the Members-Only tab > Membership Directory sub-tab, your name, city, phone#, GEO Group, email, and photo are listed to enable you to successfully connect with your fellow retirees.

  • Your profile information will also be used to obtain your Altria security badge to attend PMARA monthly meetings and events.

  • If you are not in our database, you will proceed to fill out the new application fields.

Previous Members: If your email address is recognized by the application software, it means that you are already in the PMARA database – you just need to log in, pay your dues, update your profile, and you will be reinstated as an active member.

The following information takes you through all of the details of the application and payment process for a New Member.

Joining is a three step process: (*denotes required information)

Step 1: Enter your Profile Information

Base Information
  • First Name*

  • Last Name* (if including a suffix, enter it after your last name- “Sr.”)

  • Email*

  • Phone Number*

  • Photo

  • Mobile Number

    Personal Information NEXT

Retirement Status (select one)

  • Retired
  • On Severance – bridging to retirement 
  • Other
GEO Group (select one) 
  • o Richmond

    o SAO 

    o Other

Contact Data

  • Nickname

  • Official Name at retirement*

  • Date Retired* (example: 04 Apr 1998)

  • Badge Name* (First or Nickname, Last)

    Note: Security processing time for badges is two weeks. If you complete your application and pay your dues within two weeks prior to a meeting/event, your badge will be available for you to pick it up when you attend the next meeting/event – ask for badge at the registration desk! Otherwise, it will be at the following meeting/event.

  • Address*

  • City*

  • State*

  • Zip Code*


Contact Preference 

  • eMail
  • Regular (“Snail-Mail”)

Additional Information

  • Special Skills to Offer

  • Last department worked*

  • How did you hear about us?*

Step 2: Confirmation of information

    • Click Next (bottom of page), and then confirm that the displayed information is correct. If there are errors, hit the Back button and it will take you back to the previous page so you can make corrections. After making corrections, click Next and reconfirm the information.

    • Once all information is correct, select Invoice me (if paying by check)

    • Or, Pay online (if paying by credit card)

    Step 3: Payment of Annual Dues (submitting your annual dues of $20)
    The online payment page will appear. You can enter your a credit card information

    1. Paying with a Credit Card – fill out the required information and click the “Pay” button at the bottom of the page

      a. Once the application and payment are received,

      i. Affinipay will send you an email confirming your payment

      ii. PMARA will send you a message that the application has been received

      iii. You will receive an email with your Login information: Email address and Password.

      b. Once approved, you will receive an email from PMARA welcoming you as a Member. You now have full accessibility to the MEMBERS-ONLY section and all materials.

      2. Paying by Check

      a. Send check to: Charlie Krausse - 580 Cottage Row, Tappahannock, VA 22560

      b. Your dues are for the current annual year only (Jan1 thru Dec 31); you cannot pay for more than one year.

      c. Once your check has been received, deposited and cleared, the Treasurer will notify the Membership Coordinator who will approve your membership and enter your payment into the PMARA website.

      d. Once approved, you will receive an email from PMARA welcoming you as a member. You now have full accessibility to the MEMBERS-ONLY section and all materials (log in required).

      Revision Date: 6/4/21 

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