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About Our Website

connection.gifWe are very excited about our website and its potential for facilitating information exchange and opportunities for connections among retirees. Our hope is that the information on the website is helpful to retirees everywhere, including those outside the Richmond area. As we strive for continuous improvement, we are particularly interested in your feedback on the website and on current and future activities of the Retirees Association. We are planning surveys from time to time for feedback, but anytime you have an idea, use the “our email” option at the bottom to email your ideas to us. If you know retirees who are not “web-connected,” please share information with them. One of the Retirees Association's initiatives is to figure out ways for more retirees to be connected through the internet.

We are developing a strategy to more involve those outside the Richmond area and we encourage your help. With a diverse retiree population, we believe that the Retirees Association offers something for everyone. We’d love to hear from you. By getting involved, you can make the Retirees Association better for all retirees.


Our email: retireesconnection@gmail.com

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